3 Different Sizes of Palettes

3 Different Sizes of Palettes by Art Box and Panel  ~  x

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Inside measurements of each palette:
Standard; 12x16
Compact: 9 1/2x15
Mini: 9x12
These palettes can fit most any kind of situation for any kind of plein air painter. The Standard size paletter has more than 350 square inches of paint mixing room, if you mix in the wings as well as the main portion of the palette! The Compact palette has more paint mixing room than any pochade box or other plein air easel that I have found, and that is our middle size palette! Our Mini size palette has about the same mixing area as most pochade box or other outdoor painting easels on the market and it weighs much less and is much more stable for the actual mixing of paint on the palette. The Standard is recommend less for backpacks or carry on luggage.